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eFinance Software

K-12 Financial & Human Resources Management 

Everything you need to help your district be as efficient as possible

eFinancePLUS provides smart, flexible tools to help your district efficiently accomplish its unique financial and human resources goals. 

eFinancePLUS financial solutions help you easily manage all your day-to-day financial accounting and purchasing processes all the way from request to payment. Through real-time, accurate, and superior data access, streamline your accounting process and easily manage fiscal information, monitor workflows, general ledgers, and more with ease. View at-a-glance insights and work smarter, not harder, to help your district leaders make better decisions based on actionable, relevant district information. It’s all within eFinancePLUS.

A streamlined experience for your employees and your district’s success When it comes to human resources management, you need smart tools that help you increase efficiency and stay informed of important events. Your employees need a quick, simple experience that gives them the information they need, when they need it. eFinancePLUS helps you centrally manage human resources in your district from the recruitment process all the way through employee professional development while giving your employees the ability to access, edit, and update their own information with ease.

Redefining the industry standard and built for the future

  • Easily customize your favorites and homepage to include the information you need, right where you need it
  • Flexible HTML5 core technology gives you the same experience across any browser
  • Data that finds you — Out-of-the-box push notifications let you know when important events occur
  • Advanced tools for collaboration allow users to easily find and connect with others to share important financial data
  • Customizable search queries allow users to save and publish their saved searches for others to use across the district