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K-12 Special Education Management

Excel in Special Education 

Special education programs have unique needs, and not all districts, schools, or states approach special education in the same way. That’s why PowerSchool’s K-12 special education management solution is designed to meet your state’s needs. Our individual education plan (IEP) software can help with a variety of functions, including:

  • Case load management
  • Scheduling
  • Contact management
  • Medicaid Billing
  • Forms and Documents
  • IDEA Compliance
  • Data validation and regulatory reporting solutions
  • Empower Administrators and Staff

Your district staff needs quick, easy access to information in order to make effective decisions for your special education programs. That’s why we have made our demographic and historical data systems user-friendly and easy to navigate. Manage contacts and meetings, write and track goals, and generate IEP document through our modern and intuitive web interface.

Customize Your Technology

Individual education plans are at the heart of our special education management software. Our solution allows district staff and teachers to build, track, and edit IEPs — this ensures each student is getting the instruction and services they require. Our powerful, intuitive technology also makes IEP management easier and more adaptable than ever before.

Receive Consistent Support

It’s important to us that each student receives the time and help they need. That’s why our software comes with comprehensive customer support, so you can spend less time on software and more time achieving student outcomes.

Our dedicated customer support portal and customer-led user groups help you access support information quickly, and your Customer Relationship Manager is always available should you need them.Our K-12 special education management system is beneficial for school districts that are looking for: 

  • 100% Web-Based Technology
  • Stronger More Accurate Compliance
  • Automated Workflows and Notifications
  • Easy and Intuitive Reporting
  • Rapid Deployment

 IEPPLUS special education software allows district staff to efficiently manage the entire special education process—from referral, evaluation, and individual education plan development, to maintaining historical information and ensuring compliance with IDEA regulations.

Tools for managing special education

 Demographics – Track comprehensive student information and maintain historical data

  • Web Forms – Enter data on IDEA and state compliant web-based forms
  • Meeting Scheduler – Schedule and track special education meetings and send meeting notifications to staff
  • Contact Management – Accurately track comprehensive contact demographics for each student
  • Goals and Objectives – An integrated goal bank with tools to assist in writing goals
  • Medicaid Billing – Automatically generates the entitled billing for services provided and tracks reimbursement
  • Advanced Reporting – Generate regulatory extracts with comprehensive validation reports and generate an customize individual or administrative reports on demand