• Willamette ESD Leadership Team

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    The WESD Leadership Team consists of over 40 professionals representing numerous disciplines and backgrounds. Their experience and expertise provide leadership and oversight to WESD's many and varied programs.

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Leadership Team Directory

First Name Last Name Department Email Phone
Sean Aker SIS Sean.Aker@wesd.org 503.385.4810
Russ Allen Business Services Russ.Allen@wesd.org 503.385.4611
Jackie Bauman Special Education Jackie.Bauman@wesd.org 503.385.4837
Michael Beck Deputy Superintendent Michael.Beck@wesd.org 503.385.4725
Eleni Boston Special Education Eleni.Boston@wesd.org 503.540.4487
Gretchen Brunner SIS Gretchen.Brunner@wesd.org 503.540.4426
Maria Chavez-Haroldson Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Maria.Chavez-Haroldson@wesd.org 503.435.8492
Michael Clark Communications Michael.Clark@wesd.org 503.385.4626
Cherie Clark SIS Cherie.Clark@wesd.org 503.385.4699
Tonya Coker Special Education Tonya.Coker@wesd.org 503.385.4586
Michael Conn SIS Michael.Conn@wesd.org 503.981.2501
Holly Dalton SIS Holly.Dalton@wesd.org 503.385.4553
Cheryl Davis CEIER Cheryl.Davis@wesd.org 503.385.4746
Robin DeLoach CEIER Robin.DeLoach@wesd.org 503.540.4467
Jeff Easter Facilities Jeff.Easter@wesd.org 503.385.4717
April Felguth Business Services April.Felguth@wesd.org 503.385.4694
Johnie Ferro SIS Johnie.Ferro@wesd.org 503.370.5001
Merced Flores OMESC Merced.Flores@wesd.org 503.540.4463
Lisa Freiley Legal Lisa.Freiley@wesd.org 503.385.4604
Jay Hernández SIS Jay.Hernandez@wesd.org 503.385.4728
Addie Howell SIS Addie.Howell@wesd.org 503.385.4697
Michael Jackson Exec Admin Michael.Jackson@wesd.org 503.385.4595
Karen Jarshaw Special Education Karen.Jarshaw@wesd.org 503.474.6919
Jennifer Jones SIS Jennifer.Jones@wesd.org 503.385.4558
Pat Ketcham CEIER Pat.Ketcham@wesd.org 503.385.4751
Tracy Keuler Special Education Tracy.Keuler@wesd.org 503.385.4575
Kari Laizure Technology Services Kari.Laizure@wesd.org 503.385.4867
Elizabeth Leandres-Vaughn Special Education Elizabeth.Leandres-Vaughn@wesd.org 503.385.4512
Justin Lieuallen SIS Justin.Lieuallen@wesd.org 503.385.4727
Travis McDonald Special Education Travis.McDonald@wesd.org 503.474.6922
John Nielson Technology Services John.Nielson@wesd.org 503.385.4795
Dave Novotney Superintendent Dave.Novotney@wesd.org 503.540.4416
Ann O'Connell Human Resources Ann.OConnell@wesd.org 503.385.4752
Melissa Ojeda-Hernández Human Resources Melissa.Ojeda-Hernandez@wesd.org 503.385.4540
Amber Ryerson CEIER Amber.Ryerson@wesd.org 503.385.4762
Cassie Stafford SIS Cassie.Stafford@wesd.org 503.385.4554
Kerri Tatum CEIER Kerri.Tatum@wesd.org 503.385.4865
Ella Taylor CEIER Ella.Taylor@wesd.org 503.385.4660
Tracy Taylor-Duffy Special Education Tracy.Taylor-Duffy@wesd.org 503.435.5941
Tishri Tucker Exec Admin Tishri.Tucker@wesd.org 503.385.4759
Adam Whalen SIS Adam.Whalen@wesd.org 503.385.4754
Margo Williams Special Education Margo.Williams@wesd.org 503.385.4606