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    ~We serve, support, innovate and lead to ensure all students achieve~

    The Willamette ESD School Improvement Services Department provides a variety of services that focus on improving teaching and learning in our region. Our services touch on all aspects of school improvement including: home school registry, curriculum development, migrant education, juvenile detention education, youth corrections, essential skills assessment, paraprofessional assessment, proficiency-based dual credit programs, and much more. We also provide high quality, individualized supports and improvement planning for schools and districts.

Curriculum Adoption & Support

  • Distance Learning

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Home School Registration

  • Home School

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Upcoming Events and Meetings

Weekly SIS Update Meetings

  • The SIS Department hosts weekly check-ins online at 1:00pm on Thursdays about upcoming professional development, ODE due dates, health and safety updates and more.  Join us!

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    Contact Katie Grauer for more information. Katie.grauer@wesd.org