• School Improvement Services

    We serve, support, innovate and lead to ensure all students achieve.

     Department Overview:

    The Willamette ESD School Improvement Services Department provides a variety of services that focus on improving teaching and learning in our region. Our services touch on all aspects of school improvement including: home school registry, threat assessment, curriculum development, migrant education, juvenile detention education, youth corrections, essential skills assessment, paraprofessional assessment, proficiency-based dual credit programs, and much more. We also provide high quality, individualized supports and improvement planning for schools and districts.


Department Contacts

First Name Last Name Responsibility Email Phone Number
Keith Ussery Deputy Superintendent keith.ussery@wesd.org 503.385.4725
Justin Lieuallen Coordinator justin.lieuallen@wesd.org 503.385.4727
Gretchen Brunner Coordinator-Willamette Promise gretchen.brunner@wesd.org 503.385.4426
Michelle Alexander Administrative Assistant michelle.alexander@wesd.org 503.385.4623
Cye Fink Migrant Services Manager cye.fink@wesd.org 503.540.4422
Clem Spenner Threat Assessment Consultant clem.spenner@wesd.org 503.385.4544
Rebecca Carpenter Sexual Incident Consultant rebecca.carpenter@wesd.org 503.385.4527
Jason Perrins Principal- Lord High School (MacLaren YCF) jason.perrins@wesd.org 503.981.2500, or 503.986.0484
Cherie Clark Manager, Willamette Promise cherie.clark@wesd.org 503.385.4699
Kristilyn Woolner Suicide Prevention Consultant kristilyn.woolner@wesd.org 503.385.4700
Adam Whalen Manager, Willamette Promise adam.whalen@wesd.org 503.385.4754
Mary Ritter Principal- Marion Co. JDEP mary.ritter@wesd.org 541.570.2344
Erica Hertzsch Program Specialist-Digital Media erica.hertzsch@wesd.org 503.385.4420
Sean Aker Regional Coordinator for Reducing Chronic Absenteeism sean.aker@wesd.org 503-385-4810