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    Over the past five years, Willamette Education Service District (WESD) has been working with educators, workforce, and industry professionals to understand the challenges that come with a rapidly changing economy, fueled by constant changes in technology, delivery systems, and innovation, in addition to a strong competitive and global marketplace. Navigating this challenge leaves employers, educators, and students struggling to balance the current needs of building a workforce while preparing for future workforce readiness skills and abilities. The College for All philosophy leaves many students in debt, and often without the best training or education to succeed in the workplace.

    The Education Workforce Partnership, facilitated by the WESD, has identified two barriers to student success in the workplace: 

    1. Industry is not receiving work-ready employees. The greatest lack is professional skills.

    2. Schools and districts are creating too many unique work-based learning (WBL) programs that complicate the ability for partners to participate; creating a lack of WBL opportunities where student learners can build on and demonstrate their professional skills in the workplace.

  • What is Control Tower?

    Control Tower offers a programmatic solution to closing the identified gaps in work readiness skills by:

    1. Creating a common language to engage all stakeholders in a work readiness culture.

    2. Starting in the classroom, supporting students through post-secondary training, continuing into the workplace.

    3. Providing WBL plans common to all students, schools, and districts.

    4. Supporting equity for all workforce demographics.

    5. Matching employers with students who have shown interest in industry-related career pursuits.

    6. Integrating the New World of Work’s “Professional Competencies” established through Mozilla Foundation’s national comparison of “Top 10” 21st Century Skills and College/Career Ready Competencies.

    7. Tracking and confirms that students have met competencies prior to engaging in WBL.

    8. Connecting student progress with their LinkedIn profile.