• WESD Leadership Team 

    WESD Marion Center Entrances

    The WESD Leadership Team consists of Executive Administration, Department Directors and key administrative staff.  The Leadership Team provides strategic planning and oversight of all aspects of the agency's operation.

Leadership Team Directory

First Name Last Name Title Department Email Phone Website
Dave Novotney Superintendent Administration dave.novotney@wesd.org 503.385.4759 Visit
Keith Ussery Deputy Superintendent Administration/School Improvement Services keith.ussery@wesd.org 503.385.4725 Visit
Tishri Tucker Executive Assistant Administration tishri.tucker@wesd.org 503.385.4759 Visit
Michael Beck Director Human Resources michael.beck@wesd.org 503.385.4540 Visit
Mike Dunckel Director Business Services mike.dunckel@wesd.org 503.385.4611 Visit
Brian Florip Coordinator Communications brian.florip@wesd.org 503.385.4626 Visit
Ann O'Connell Director Special Education ann.o'connell@wesd.org 503.540.4487 Visit
John Nielson Director Technology Services john.nielson@wesd.org 503.385.4795 Visit
Antonio Ramos Director Oregon Migrant Education Service Center antonio.ramos@wesd.org 503.540.4463 Visit
Ella Taylor Chief Research Officer Center for Education Innovation, Evaluation & Research ella.taylor@wesd.org 503.385.4660 Visit