• E-Rate 

    E-rate is a federal program designed to connect schools and libraries with modern telecommunications and Internet access services. While telecom services are being phased out of the program, there is now increased support for broadband installation and wireless high speed Internet delivery.
    Eligible schools and libraries receive subsidies on the costs of constructing and maintaining Internet access services. These subsidies include discounts on networking hardware and installation/construction of fiber-optic infrastructure . 

    School eligibility is based on free and reduced lunch program eligibility rates.  Statewide Oregon has a 57% rate of free and reduced lunch services. Many schools have a discount as high as 90%.

    Willamette ESD provides E-rate support in two ways:
    We are currently under contract with the Oregon Department of Education to provide statewide program support to schools and libraries seeking E-rate discounts. This support includes training presentations, telephone and email support, and advocacy on behalf of Oregon when meeting with FCC and USAC staff. Under this contract you can call or email us directly with your questions at no charge.
    We also offer consulting services that allow school districts to focus on teaching and learning, while we handle the often confusing application forms and review process. These services include the above mentioned activities as well as procurement planning, direct form filing, Program Integrity Assurance reviews, and appeal support. Our goal is to help school districts maximize each dollar and get the most out of the E-rate program. This service is delivered under an Intergovernmental Agreement for a fee. To learn more about this service, click here.

Department Contacts

First Name Last Name Job Title Phone Email
Jamie Campos E-rate Coordinator 503.540.4495 e-rate@wesd.org