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Educator Impact Findings


“There are hard conversations. Staff need to reflect on their own biases both towards each other and the students they serve.” - White Educator

"... gained a great deal from the books and recordings. Well done!" - Coaching for Equity 101 Participant

“Always felt like I was on an island, but the REN has given them an opportunity to do important work.” - White Educator

"I was kind of nervous going into this training. We don't have very many students of color in my district and community, so I haven't had a lot of time or experiences. I really enjoyed the training. The presenters made everyone feel welcome and they were very open and honest. It was a great training." - Coaching for Equity 101 Participant

“The ability to speak up and have your voice heard. The SC2V REN has removed isolation and brought people together.” - BIPOC Educator

“I feel like I have a lot more voice and more courage.” - BIPOC Educator

“The REN has provided a safe place to practice and now to talk about race and equity.” - White Educator