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Transition Technical Assistance Network

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The Transition Technical Assistance Network supports alliances that School Districts: Marion, Polk, Tillamook, Yamhillshift the perception of society and raise expectations for individuals who experience disabilities so they can live lives integrated in Oregon communities based on choice.


  1. Support "seamless" transition efforts for students to access paid employment prior to school exit.
  2. Promote evidence-based practices in secondary transition and education among educators and others.
  3. Provide consultation, training, and technical assistance in evidence-based practices, curriculum, and student assessment.
  4. Facilitate collaborative efforts among schools and partner agencies on behalf of students and others.
  5. Guide educational practices that provide student access to instruction in vocational activities.



  • Secondary transition curriculum and assessment samples
  • Consultation, training and technical assistance in development and implementation of IEPs
  • Assistance in developing student and team goals and plans
  • Disseminate information and resources regarding federal and state mandates, required services, and agency contacts


Link to the Facilitator Guide

Link to Seamless 2.0 pdf

To learn more about events going on in Oregon, pleases visit Transition Oregon.