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  • two people working together Oregon Mentoring Program

    The Oregon Mentoring Program ended June 30, 2019 and is no longer supported by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE). In 2007, the Oregon Legislature put into motion legislation that helped to establish the Oregon Mentoring Program. The program ran successfully for 12 years. In 2017, with input from educators around the state, the Oregon Legislature established the Educator Advancement Council (EAC) to explore the next phase of educator induction and mentoring, professional learning, and leadership advancement. With input from stakeholders around the state, the EAC established Regional Educator Networks to provide services to all Oregon educators. The networks were recently announced, and services provided will be determined at the local level. See the EACs website https://www.oregon.gov/EAC/Pages/default.aspx for updates and more information.

  • Young Latino Boy English Language Development Support

    In 2015, the Oregon Legislature passed HB 3499 appropriating $12.5 million each biennium to support improving English learners’ learning outcomes. Six English Learner Specialists were hired to serve five ESDs. They provided technical assistance in 18 different content areas, depending on the needs identified by the programs they served. Participants in 54 districts received services. This report provides an overview of the first partial year of the implementation of this project. Respondents rated the technical assistance in positive terms, and provided several examples of the positive impact of the assistance on their ELL students’ outcomes.

  • Computer on desk Oregon Digital Literacy Data Analysis

    The Oregon Computer Science Teachers Association, with a grant from the Oregon Department of Education, is to grow the number of students with access to quality computer science courses in K-12 classrooms.  Center staff are collaborating with the Oregon Computer Science Teachers Association to provide data analysis and program evaluation services.

  • Willamette Promise Plane and School Willamette Promise Data Analysis

    The Willamette Promise is a dual credit program committed to providing support for local schools to reach our state educational goals.  The Willamette Promise launched in 2014 in response to Oregon’s increased emphasis on high school graduation.  As of 2018, 41 school districts and three universities have joined with the WESD to 1) provide all high school students an opportunity to complete up to 45 credits of the Oregon Transfer Module (OTM) before graduating high school, 2) provide high school students an opportunity to complete Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses, 3) empower all students, but especially those from historically underrepresented populations to envision post-secondary and career success after graduation, and 4) to solidify a strong regional collaboration in which both faculty and administrators within school districts and post-secondary education institutions trust one another and together engage in the hard work of achieving our states educational goals.  The three-year report outlines the accomplishments of the Willamette Promise.

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