Paraprofessional Assessment Registration & Study Guides

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    2020 Paraprofessional Assessment Dates:   



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    The Paraprofessional Assessment is held at Willamette Education Service District, 2611 Pringle Road South, Salem, Oregon, in the Capitol Room. Please arrive at 8:30 am on the day of the assessment. The cutoff date to register is 5:00 p.m., three business days prior to each exam date to secure your seat. Walk-ins/late registrants will only be permitted if there are seats available. Please bring $40.00 cash, or check payable to the WESD, when you come to take your assessment. No credit/debit cards are accepted at this time. (WESD employees will not be charged a fee for taking or retaking the assessment). The cost to retake sections that you did not pass through WESD, will be $10.00 per section (maximum of $40.00 total). 

    Study resources can be found at the bottom of this page.

    PDS provides local assessments for paraprofessionals who are seeking a certificate to meet the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act guidelines for "highly qualified" status, and also provides training in skills needed to pass the Local Academic Paraprofessional Assessment.

    One key element of the NCLB Act that took effect on January 08, 2002, is the requirement for "highly qualified" paraprofessionals.  Please note, these requirements apply to paraprofessionals with instructional duties in any program supported by Title I funds.  These requirements also apply to all instructional paraprofessional staff in school-wide Title I programs.  The federal definition of a "highly qualified" paraprofessional is one who has the following:

    • Two years of postsecondary study, or
    • An Associate's (or higher) degree, or
    • A passing score on a state or local academic assessment that measures knowledge of, and the ability, to assist in instructing reading, writing, and mathematics.

    The NCLB Act requires all paraprofessionals employed after January 08, 2002, meet one of the definitions above.  Paraprofessionals employed by school districts on, or before, January 08, 2002, must meet one of the definitions by January 2006.

    Preparation Guidelines:

    The assessment is divided into six portions, with each portion being scored separately.  A participant may retake portions of the assessment that previously were not passed.  An individual may retake any portion of the exam for an additional charge.  The Local Academic Paraprofessional Assessment Certificate of Completion will be issued to the individual when all components have received passing scores of 80% or above.  For more information, please review the WESD Preparation Guidelines.

    No calculators, computers, cell phones, dictionaries, electronic translators, or other personal means of assistance are allowed.  If specific accommodations are required, such as visual or auditory, please notify the PDS Program as you pre-register, so appropriate arrangements can be prepared.  For more information, please review the WESD General Guidelines and Information.

    No portions of the exam are timed.  The approximate time period allotted to complete the entire assessment is three hours. 

    The questions on the assessment are divided into the following six sections:

    Reading Content: Thirty Multiple Choice Questions

    Reading Skills of Assistance: Ten Multiple Choice Questions

    Math Content: Thirty Multiple Choice Questions

    Math Skills of Assistance: Ten Multiple Choice Questions

    Writing Skills of Assistance: Ten Multiple Choice Questions

    Writing Sample: A One Page Written Essay