• Special Education Specialists Work Quickly to Provide Student Resources

  • Special Education Team


    September is a busy month for all Willamette ESD staff, but especially so for those getting equipment out to students in general education classrooms! During the first week of school:

    • Willamette ESD deaf/hard of hearing teachers placed over 600 pieces of audiological equipment (FM systems, streamers, Dynamic Soundfields, Roger Pens, transmitters, etc.) with students and/or in classrooms, as well as providing training to over 100 teachers.
    • Teachers of the visually impaired placed over 200 pieces of equipment (DaVinci’s, iPads, Magnilinks, etc) for blind or low vision students and provided training to well over 50 teachers.
    • Occupational therapists and physical therapists placed over 250 pieces of equipment (standers, gait trainers, walkers, etc) and trained multiple sites of staff on feeding protocols, transfers, and other activities.

    This important resource placement was completed by the end of the first week of school, in districts within our three counties. These resources and trainings provided a tremendous boost to students and teachers, starting their school year off in a very positive way! Thanks for your outstanding work! Everyone hit the ground running and students benefited.

    Teachers honored at the Board meeting include the following:


    Teachers of Visually Impaired

    Teachers of Deaf/Hard of Hearing

    OTs & PTs

    Elizabeth Asher Gretchen Sutton Jessica McGuire
    Susan Duncan Janine West Camille Robinson
    Anne Olson Murphy Maureen McCoy Sue Noble
    Sheryl Smith Tobi Masei Jill Fredrickson
    Brian Detweiler-Daby Lisa Reid Edi Logan
    Julie Vranna Gail McGee Terry McIntosh
    Diane Mitchell Jane Barnett Beth Fertig
    Mary Fran Anderson Linda North  
    Leslie Anderson Marcy Kovar  
    Rebecca Potterf Kathy Connor  
      Diane Schirmer  
      Valerie Baldwin  
      Alison Kaiser   
      Meg Gustafson   
      Melissa Himmelman  
      Glenda Smith-Fowler  
      Alyssa Scott