Resources for the Operational Blueprint for Reentry

Operational Blueprint for Reentry

1. Public Health Protocols

  • Cohorting

    **Students should not be placed into full-time cohort groups based on any demographic or disability criteria (e.g., students with complex medical needs, students with IEPs, students receiving language services, etc). Schools can create small groups within cohorts around skills and instructional needs. For example, a small instructional Math group can be organized that is diverse by demographics, any disability criteria, speech/language services, or English language development.

    Considerations for Reopening Pennsyvania Schools. (pg 21 cohort models from Series 3 training)

    Oregon and Local Public Health Authorities

    Oregon Health Authority. (OHA FAQ)


    Marion County Schools can send plans to the email below:


    Polk County Schools please contact:

    Kristty Polanco,

    MPH, Public Health Administrator 503‐623‐8175


    Yamhill County Schools please contact: 

    Lindsey Manfrin, DNP, RN

    Health and Human Services Director

    Public Health Administrator

    Yamhill County Health and Human Services|638 NE Davis St McMinnville, OR 97128

    Phone: 503-434-7525|Cell: 971-237-2412|Ext. 4719

    Fax: 503-474-4907|


    Entry and Screening

    CDC COVID19 Symptoms

3. Response to Outbreak

4. Equity

  • It is not enough to make statements about equity without following those statements with concrete actions. Equity must live at the heart of every decision and every action in service of students.

    Focus on Equity


    Tools to Use for Making Equity Based Decisions

    ODE Decision Making Tool

    How to Respond to Coronavirus Racism

7. Mental, Social, and Emotional Health

8. Staffing and Personnel

  • Upcoming Professional Development

    Distance Learning TBA

    Social Emotional Learning TBA