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Gervais HS student gets in FA application with help of WP’s Community Outreach

Jessica & Fatima Our staff is passionate about helping students obtain dual credit, college and career opportunities and just about anything that will get them closer to their goals.

Just recently, our Bilingual Community Outreach Specialist, Fatima Chacon, was visiting Gervais High School and stepped out of the routine to help a student with Financial Aid options. Fatima shares the story here, 

“I went to Gervais High School last month to talk to a Spanish For Natives class and then stayed for their lunch. I had a student named Jessica tell me she really wanted to go to WOU but had limited financial aid available to her. I told her about the Bilingual Scholars and just sat and helped her (by Googling) who to contact and other financial aid help at WOU. The Bilingual Scholars application was due the following day, and she was determined to finish. She shared her Google doc and I helped her edit a bit and she got it in on time.

Well, last week she emailed me and let me know she got it! So, she’s closer to her financial Aid goal!”

This was not the main purpose of Fatima’s visit to Gervais HS that day but her interest, knowledge and care gave this student an extra advantage when navigating Financial Aid. Great job Fatima and Jessica!