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Lauren Carr Celebrated

Lauren Carr Lauren Carr 

  • As Employee Engagement Specialist, Lauren has really made a huge impact on our agency in her first year with Willamette ESD.

    Lauren has shown leadership, and delivered outstanding results, in the following key roles:

Onboarding program that assures a smooth transition to Willamette ESD for all new employees.

Wellness program coordinator and an active organizer of events and activities.

  • Serves as organizer for both Professional Issues Committee and the Labor Management Committee, key vehicles for communication between the agency and our two organized labor groups.

Provides oversight and organization to classified staff professional development.

Organized Staff Appreciation Potlucks

As a testimony to Lauren’s impact, at a recent Professional Issues Committee, Willamette Valley Education Association’s April Mowell said, “I think Lauren must be the nicest person in the entire District.  Thanks for all you do Lauren.”