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Business Services Team Recognized

Business Services Team Recognized

Willamette ESD's 2017-18 financial audit was presented to the Board at the January meeting. For the seventh year in a row, we received a "clean" audit report. Lead auditor Peter Bejanaro of Pauly Rogers and Co. PC, presented the report, and made a specific point of how unusual it is for an agency to receive an audit without concern or comment.  

Business Services staff were recognized by the Board and by the audit firm for their outstanding work and preparation for the audit process. Great job Business Services and all WESD staff involved in our financial activity!

Business Services Team

Business Services staff pictured above (left to right) Director, Mike Dunckel; Event Planner, Jaime Turley; Senior Accounting Clerk, Kathleen Williams; Senior Accounting Clerk, Laura Norbury; Senior Accounting Clerk, Brent Halse; Senior Accounting Clerk, Hanh Dinh; Payroll Specialist, Judy Grant; Accounting Manager, April Felguth; Administrative Assistant, Staci Stormer; Senior Accounting Clerk, Laura VanAlstine