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Dr. Cheryl Davis Honored

Dr. Cheryl Davis Dr. Cheryl Davis

Cheryl Davis is a Senior Analyst in the Center for Education Innovation, Evaluation & Research. She is recognized for her exemplary service to colleagues.  Her grant writing skills are exceptional, and she has the ability to weave the story and needs of the school district or program into the fabric of the grant request.  This has served our partner school districts well in the quest for grants.

She has raised the level of sophistication related to data visualization that positions Willamette ESD to be a leader in sharing data. She has created dashboards for the Willamette Promise, giving schools and any other interested constituents access to data.  No other regional Promise program has this capability. We will be forever grateful for her devotion to learning and seeking out novel solutions.

One of the greatest aspects about Cheryl is that she is a humble and unassuming colleague.  She is always eager to help, support, and or provide leadership.  Cheryl’s humor and perspective are always appreciated among her colleagues.  All of this helps create an atmosphere in our agency that makes it a pleasure to come to work on a daily basis. Thank you Cheryl!