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Tyler Allen Recognized

Tyler Allen Tyler Allen

Tyler Allen, physical education/health teacher at Lord High School, was recognized at the Board meeting as not only an outstanding teacher, but a successful basketball coach as well.  Tyler is the head boys basketball coach at South Salem High School.  His Saxons had a tremendously successful season, being crowned champions of the Mountain Valley Conference and are currently ranked #2 in the state, starting the state tournament tonight in Portland.
Tyler recently accepted a challenge to bring high school athletics back to students at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility. For the first time in over 30 years, students at Lord High School played high school basketball against opposing teams from beyond the fences. Tyler and the Oregon Youth Authority worked hard to create an experience that challenged the youth in many ways. Tyler’s commitment to the students created a trust and team identity that let students put themselves in the public spotlight without fear of failure. Tyler is recognized for his dedication to his students and drive to see them succeed. Thank you Tyler! Coach Allen