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Erica Hertzsch Honored


Erica Hertzsch

Erica Hertzsch | Communications Specialist 


Erica Hertzsch is recognized for her exemplary skills and creative energy focused on sharing the work and dedication of the Willamette ESD team. Erica is communications point person for the Willamette Promise, as well as a member of the Willamette ESD Communications Team. In her role with Willamette Promise, Erica communicates with the entire WP community, keeping all informed and resources at their fingertips. She has spearheaded the Willamette Promise Advantage, a regular news update for all things empowering our students, educators and partners. In her role with Communications, Erica contributes with outstanding design and video skills, as an amazing still photographer and as a supportive member of the team taking on challenges from within Willamette ESD and from our partners. Erica makes a difference in our agency every day.