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Alyssa Scott Recognized

Alyssa Scott Alyssa Scott | Audiologist

Alyssa Scott is recognized for her outstanding work and the positive connection she makes with families. Alyssa joined the audiology team this year and, and her positive contribution was immediate. She received a letter of appreciation from a recent family praising her for her evaluation skills. The student described the evaluation as the best ever, and truly appreciated how Alyssa made a point to include the student in the discussions and recommendations, and provided all the information needed so that the student could advocate for her needs.  Alyssa is always responsive to staff and parent requests, and does it with a smile. When there is a need for coverage she gladly will rearrange her day to support her colleagues and serve our families. She is dedicated to the profession and works hard to assure we provide the best service. The audiology team feels very fortunate to have Alyssa as a teammate.