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Tara Neu Honored

Tara Neu Tara Neu | EI/ECSE Specialist

Tara Neu and Ann Bauman are recognized for their initiative, innovation and hard work in the creation of the sensory, motor pathway developed at the Early Childhood Center. After seeing a video on Facebook Tara and Ann put their heads together to turn a long, daunting hallway into an inviting, colorful pathway that encourages you to jump, spin and carefully place your footsteps. Teachers can share laughs and work on motor goals with their students on the way to their classrooms!


Numerous partners contributed to the project, including; graphic designer Beth Lloyd, One-Day Signs, and Salem Printing and Blueprint. Support from Tonya Coker and Bob Archer was also crucial to the project’s success.


The results of the pathway have been amazing and positive. Children enter the hall with play and movement on their minds. The pathway is a place where children can enjoy movement and practice motor skills again and again. Thank you Tara and Ann for your initiative and hard work in developing this wonderful resource for children.


Sensory Motor Pathway