Are there barriers or issues for students taking college credit in high school?

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Ideally, college credit in high school encourages all students to pursue and enroll in college. One goal of dual credit is to encourage students to take credit that will count as transfer credit in the student’s future degree program. At times, taking too much college credit in high school can present barriers later in a student’s academic career. Should a student take more than 2 or 3 college courses during high school, students should try to speak with an academic advisor at the college they might attend. Students, parents, and advisors are encouraged to think about credits as "credits with a purpose" - those that will count towards their college goals. 

Put another way, when pursuing dual credit opportunities, it is wise to understand how the credit will transfer or to know what degree program the student hopes to pursue. Knowing these key pieces of information can help high school and college advisors map what courses are most appropriate to take. Many students will not know what degree or college they plan on attending. In these cases, students are encouraged to take “intentional” college credit. “Intentional” college credit, are credits that have more transferability than others and tend to be in general subject areas such as Math, Science, Writing, etc.