2020 WESD & South Metro STEM Area Educator Externship

COVID 19 UPDATE: As of mid-April, the Governor’s order to stay at home is still in place and we are working on options to our traditional Educator Externship program. Our hope is to proceed as planned for Summer 2020. We do have some options for alternate ways, including virtually, to present the material, but nothing can replicate the job-site tours and face to face activities, so we hope we can proceed with the program as it has been presented in the past. Construction has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to safety, and the AGC partners involved with Educator Externship are national leaders in safety protocols. At this time we are moving ahead as we have traditionally presented the program, with flexibility in mind as we get closer to the actual dates of the program in various regions.

WESD/South Metro STEM Area Program Dates:

July 13th - 17th, 2020 (Core Program Dates) AND sector strategy day, July 21st

Earn four graduate-level credits through Western Oregon University upon successful completion of the program.

We are offering a $500.00 stipend to participants as a "thank you". (Please note that your local school district taxes and applicable fees will be subtracted from the total).

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