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Grants Protocol for WESD staff

Grant Proposal Submittal for Willamette ESD Staff

Internal grant proposal notification form for Willamette ESD staff only (click here).  All new competitive grant applications and proposals must be reviewed and approved by WESD Superintendent or designee prior to initiation of the effort on the part of the WESD (Board Policy DD).  Notification needed 4 weeks prior to submittal due date.

Grant Writing and Management

Our staff have over 40 years of grant proposal development, management, and compliance experience.  Collectively staff have secured over $30 million in grant funds, decades of grant management with projects ranging from $5,000 - $10,000,000, and education certificates in Research Administration, Financial Research Management, and Research Management. 

Proposal Development & Submittal

Writing a grant proposal can be time consuming and difficult.  Gathering all the research, data, people and resources is often complex.  Center staff will work closely with you to understand your program objectives and needs.  We can provide guidance for you to develop your own proposal or we can assume responsibility for planning the grant program design, developing the narrative, designing the program evaluation, developing the budget, and submitting the proposal.

Grant Management and Compliance

Ensuring that a funded grant is implemented to achieve its goals and objectives is critical.  Grant management includes monitoring implementation as well as ensuring funder regulatory compliance is followed.  We will work with you to educate your staff and stakeholders on cost principals for spending grant funds, grant drawdowns, expenditure reports, and final close-out reports.