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20 Minutes of Wellness


WESD offers and supports the use of 20 minutes per week of paid staff time for employees to use towards wellness activities during work hours. Your weekly 20 minutes may be used at one time or split between workdays. Please coordinate this time with your supervisor to ensure that it won't conflict with student contact time or scheduled meetings.

Ideas for how to use your 20 minutes:

  • Complete Healthy Team, Healthy U lessons
  • Use a breathing or mindfulness app (Try Headspace!)
  • Take a walk outside
  • Attend a Wellness-sponsored activity such as a Financial Wellness workshop
  • Book the Wellness Corner to get a massage
  • Check your blood pressure or weight at the Wellness Corner
  • Write a shout-out to a coworker at the Wellness Library
  • Keep a calorie log
  • Keep an exercise log
  • Find new healthy recipes in a cookbook from the Wellness Library
  • Complete your entries for a Walker Tracker Challenge
  • Read the Wellness Newsletter
  • Use the coloring materials at the Wellness Library
  • Play a quick game with a friend (games at Wellness Library)
  • Plan wellness activities for the evening or weekend
  • Check out the current events on the Wellness webpage
  • Encourage others to reach their wellness goals
  • Complete a “Wellness Minute” or stretching activity

Wellness minutes may not be used for:

  • Coming in late to work
  • Leaving work early (even for appointments)
  • Extending lunches or breaks
  • Leaving WESD’s campus
  • Activities that aren’t Wellness-related

* Please choose activities that do not disrupt programs. Thank you!