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Wellness Minute

Wellness Minute

A wellness minute is a basic activity or exercise that allows you to refocus.  Taking a minute to move can save time in lost productivity and provide rejuvination. Initate any of the ideas below during your next long meeting or after working on the same task for over an hour.

Olympic Games

- Kayak
- Volleyball: save and spike (3x)
- Weightlifting (2x)
- Triathlon:
- swimming
- cycling
- running
- Podium Pump - High-fives all around! 


- Raise the flag
- Swab the deck
- Rats on board
- Swim
- Climb the crows nest
- Search the horizon
- Captain’s coming: (“Aye aye, sir!”)
- Drop the anchor (Sit down)


- Push the shopping cart
- Grab items off the shelf
- Pay the cashier
- Drive home
- Stir the batter
- Get the pan
- Put it in the oven
- Dance while cooking

Outdoor Activities: 

- Stand-up Paddleboard (Bonus for high stand-squat-stand variation)
- Rock Climbing (Leg and arm lifts)
- Bird Watching (Stand-Squat-Stand + upper body swing)
- Hiking / Snowshoing (High leg lifts + arm swings)
- Camping (build the fire)