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$28 Gym Membership

$28 Gym Membership

Looking to join a gym? Active&Fit Direct is a service that helps OEBB members gain access to gym memberships that cost only $28 at selected fitness clubs.

If you would like to see if Active & Fit Direct can help you save on your gym membership, click the appropriate link or see the directions with pictures below!

*Some fitness centers may charge additional fees for extended access times to their locations. Please contact each location directly for more information or you can contact Active&Fit by calling 844.646.2746 or emailing


  1. Go to the Choose Healthy website:
       - Kaiser Permanente members click here
       - MODA members click here 
  2. Log in to the respective website 
  3. Complete the account set up instructions (creating an account is FREE).
  4. Look up fitness centers near you using their seach tool:
    Find a fitness center near you: City, Zip code or Full Address.
  5. Once you have decided on a fitness center, select Enroll Now  again at the top of the page to enroll in Active & Fit Direct.
  6. Have a specific question? Check out their FAQ page here

Note: There is a $28 enrollment fee for the Active & Fit program. The enrollment fee, plus two $28 payments (for your first two months of gym membership) are due at the time of enrollment.


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