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Evaluation and Eligibility

Children may be evaluated for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the medical field as well as in the educational setting. A child’s physician may be able to provide information about receiving a medical evaluation for ASD. Children who may need specially designed instruction due to characteristics of autism may be considered for an educational eligibility, allowing them to access special education services, starting from birth through age 21. Eligibility criteria for a medical diagnosis is different than educational eligibility, and a child’s medical and/or education team can help families understand the differences.

School-Aged (ages 5 – 21) Eligibility

Evaluation for special education eligibility is completed through the student’s team in their school district. For information about having a child evaluated for eligibility, please consult the child’s physician or school team. If the child is not age 5, please contact WESD Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education services for more information about evaluation. (Intake Line: 503-385-4714)

To qualify for regional services as a student with Autism Spectrum Disorder, a child/student must meet eligibility criteria as outlined in the Oregon State requirements. An eligibility evaluation will include

  • Interview with Parents and Teachers
  • Behavioral observations
  • Direct interactions with the child/student
  • Standardized assessment for ASD
  • A communication assessment
  • An assessment to determine educational impact

If a student is found eligible for special education services, the student’s IEP team will determine the educational plan for the student, and may access services through WESD ASD teams.

Oregon Department of Education – Regional Programs

OAR 581-015-2130  ASD Eligibility Requirements

OAR 581-015-2000 Definitions

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Parent /Family  Oregon Family to Family Health Information Center

For information contact: 

    Coordinator: Kevin Carroll

    Phone: 503.385.4558   Fax: 503.385.4876