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    In Oregon we tell our children,

    "Follow your dreams."


    Willamette Promise helps dreams 

    take flight.

    In 2015-16, 1819 students earned 10,746 credits with the Willamette Promise! 


    Whatever future a student can envision, the Willamette Promise can inspire them to take a journey toward those dreams.  Willamette Promise gives high school students the opportunity to earn college credits (up to a whole year of college before high school graduation) and complete career and technical courses (including certifications) before high school graduation.  

    Willamette Promise works hard to assist partner schools in establishing a college and career going culture.  In its second year, Willamette Promise grew and achieved success in numerous ways. In comparing year one (2014-15) to year two (2015-16) the following gains were realized: 

    • The number of students earning college credit increased by 202%, from 608 to 1819.
    • College credits earned nearly tripled, from 3609 to 10,746.

    Participation by under-represented student populations increased dramatically.

    • Students qualifying for free/reduced lunch earning WP college credits increased by 449%.
    • Students of under-represented ethnicity earning WP credits increased by 226%.

    Willamette Promise is making great strides in improving the equitable access to college credit opportunities for all students across the region.  

    The Willamette Promise is proud to offer the following courses for the 2017-18 School Year:

    * Students will be credited based on skill in up to 2 Spanish courses. 

    This will support student financial aid and credit management.

    They will be placed in college according to their highest achievement.


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    The Willamette Promise is a program coordinated through the Willamette Education Service District to provide local schools support in reaching our state’s education goals.  This program will support those goals by increasing student’s chances for degree attainment by completing college courses while still in high school. It will also greatly expand the opportunities for students to complete Career and Technical Education courses leading to industry certification and careers. Another major advantage to the Willamette Promise is that these opportunities for students will come at a significant cost savings for families.



    On the Willamette Promise web site you can register for the program, learn about class offerings and access resources.

    Teachers and Partners

    Here you will find resources, course materials and information.

    Willamette Promise Assessment

    Here you will find resources, course material and information.

    Willamette Regional Achievement Collaborative

    Here you will find information and the declaration of collaboration.

Willamette Promise Staff Contact Information

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